Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Over the months...

Many of you have asked questions about our annual banquet fundraiser we usually have at a bar/restaurant in the Cherry Hill area of NJ this time of year. While it did not happen this year, we want to assure you that Powcor is back in full swing. For those of you that don't know, my (Rebecca's) father passed away this year from pancreatic cancer. As the past months have been difficult, we continue to work toward raising money for Johns Hopkins current research and steps closer toward finding a vaccine for pancreatic cancer.

For those of you just coming on to learn about Powcor, we want you to know how passionate we are about this cause. As best friends, we understand each other's sadness and pain that this cancer has brought to both of our families. Perhaps you know someone who is currently battling this awful cancer, you want to honor someone who has passed away, or you simply want to help out a good cause. No matter what the reason, we're so grateful for your support. Some days seem impossible when you have to face coming to terms with what this cancer has done to someone you love. We're not giving up the fight, and we hope you'll support us in winning it.

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